Integration with local or FIDE ratinglists

TournamentService supports direct interfacing to the federations ratinglists. While you are entering the name of a player, TourneringsService checks behind the scenes against these publicly available lists. When you have entered a sufficiently large part of a name TS will display a list of possible hits from the ratinglists as shown on the right. If you want to accept one of these suggestions, simply click the appropriate name (or use the down-arrow from the keyboard).

The advantages are obvious, you avoid typing errors in the names, you get the player's rating, federation and other information "for free". Last but not least, the player ID-number used by the federation wil be registered in your tournament. This eliminates the possibility for errors in the identification of players when returning reports to the federations or FIDE.

If the player exists on both the national and fide list, he may be shown twice in the list. If your tournament is to be FIDE-rated, it's recommended to pick the fide-version. IF your federation also have the FIDE number in their list, all info about the players will be consolidated into one list.

Alternative searching

The function described above searches only from the start  of the given- or family name entered.If you can't find a player you expected to, you can do an extended search by click'ing the three dots shown in the name field. The window shown to the right here will open, and you can search for parts of the given- or family name.

Updating the lists

For these funtions to work well, the lists should be freshly updated. When you start entering players, TournamentService will read in the stored copy of your national and FIDE ratinglist. If this copy is too old, TS will ask if you want them updated automatically. YES, you do! You may also do this update manually from the internet menu. Updating requires you to be connected to the internet, but if you don't have internet acces from the tournament site you can update well before the tournament starts.

National (Local) lists

Depending on which national federation you belongs to, the updating may work automatic, semi-automatic or not at all. If your federation is not supported, take contact and we will look into it.


The international FIDE ratinglist is downloaded fully automatic by TournamentService. The downloaded file will be stored in the "fide" folder and unzipped as needed.

Turn searching on or off

Using the "options" button from the main window you can select which, if any, of the lists are to be searched during player entry