Rating reporting

All information about the tournament, such as registered players,  tournament options, games, results, tiebreaks, time controls, rating categories etc is stored in TournamentService (in the TRX-file). 

Fide reporting

FIDE expect reports to be sent and formatted according to their own format (also supported by TournamentService of course). 

Local federation reporting

Some federations will accept the TRX file as the report for both rating and grand prix purposes. 

To make both of these even simpler for the users of TournamentService there is a special function to send these reports directly. Click "internet" - "Send Fide report" or "Send ratingreport to national federation" to start the process. The mail address used for reporting, can be changed from "Options" - "settings".

The mail addresses used when sending are configured in the settings window ("Options" - "Settings")

All registered data will be checked by TournamentService and you will get an error message if any discrepancies are found. When all is OK TournamentService will, by itself, transfer the file to the federation or to FIDE. No email account or email software is neccessary to use this function, only internet access is required.

So, when the tournament is finished, ONE CLICK or two is all you need to finish off all the "paperwork". No more excuses for late reporting!