Round robin pairing

Round robin and double round robin pairing will create pairing tables similar to standard sonnenborn-berger tables.

Use only in groups with a low number of players where everybody can medd everybody else. For X players, the tournament will be X-1 rounds.

Unlike the monrad- and swiss pairing systems, in a round robin tournament the pairing for all rounds is done when you select pairing of the  first round. During subsequent pairings, only checking of the entered results are actually performed. The exception is  team tournaments, where the individual games are paired before each round, so that reserves and unavailable team players are handeled correct.


This is a variant of round robin pairing often used in blitz- and rapid chess. With carousel pairng all players know where to sit next, provided they are placed like this:

The chessboards are set up in a line (long table) with alternating colors white/black on each side of the table. When playing the first round, the person with pairing no 1 sits at the top of the board playing white. The rest follows in numerical order clockwise around the table. The last player will then get black against no 1 (except if the number of players are uneven: the last player sits at the short end of the table to the right of no 1 and receives a bye in the first round).

Afer every round, everyone moves one seat to the left (clockwise) EXCEPT no 1 in even-numbered tournaments: He shall sit at the same board every round and swap colors every round, and the rest shall skip his seat during rotation.

If this cookbook is followed, the computer pairings should match what happes in the physical rotation.