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Tournament name:

Sotra SK Klubbmesterskapet i lynsjakk 2019

des 19 19
@ 22:47


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Einarsengården, Straume

Play date:

19. des 19

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TitleGiven nameLast nameClubi-Blitz
  Ronny Ellingsen Sotra SK 1985
  Endre S. Steigum Sotra SK 0
  Kenneth Brattetveit Sotra SK 1812
  Per Ohnstad Sotra SK 1670
  Morten Lillestøl Madsen Sotra SK 1760
  Tor Gunnar Nordnes Sotra SK 1687
  Thomas Sekkingstad Sotra SK 1711
  Jarle Sivertsen Sotra SK 1574
  Tom Eriksen Sotra SK 1688
  Thirukkumaran Jeyachandran Sotra SK 1628
  Per Engum Sotra SK 1374
  Jonas Kleppe Borlaug Sotra SK 1470
  Ronny Hagelin Sotra SK 1349
  Oline Sundby Waage Sotra SK 1189
  Jonas Sæterlid Hella Sotra SK 1087
  Anna Ovidia Young Sotra SK 1052
  Trond Young Sotra SK 0
  Reidar Andersen Sotra SK 0
  Oddbjørn Hagen Sotra SK 1590
  Steinar L Ingvaldsen Sotra SK 0
  Kenneth Nilsen Sotra SK 0
  Kjell M B Olsen Sotra SK 1582
  Ragnar Skjønhaug Sotra SK 1685
  Thomas Tvedt Sotra SK 0
  Bella Marie Young Sotra SK 0
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Group overview:
Player count:36
Avg. FIDE rating:1568