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Tournament name:

Kristiansand SK Høstturnering 2020

nov 27 20
@ 11:08


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Samsen Kulturhus

Play date:

16. sep - 02. des 20

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TitleGiven nameLast nameClubi-Rtg
CM Kenneth Hamre Kristiansand 2015
  Geir Brekka Kristiansand 1987
jr John Samuel Oommen Kristiansand 1779
jr Tor Magnus Hansen Kristiansand 1752
  Frode Arntsen Kristiansand 1688
  Freddy Kodvag Kristiansand 1615
  Guttorm Strande Syrrist Kristiansand 1565
  Markus Teigset Kristiansand 1550
  Daniel Lindalen Kristiansand 1519
jr Harald Ekornasvag Kristiansand 1475
  Manuel Sparta Kristiansand 1450
  Sveinung Moller Kristiansand 1431
  Per Gunnar Uberg Kristiansand 1422
  Chris Daniel Jacobsen Kristiansand 1294
  Torstein M Johansen Kristiansand 1252
  Olav August D Tonnessen Kristiansand 1207
  Lasse Hammersland Kristiansand 1189
  Alf Tomas Tonnessen Kristiansand 1170
jr Hans Michael Schnell Kristiansand 1141
  Ole Birkeland Kristiansand 1001
  Lasse Mortensen Kristiansand 0
jr Martin Ruud Kristiansand 0
  Tomas Thrainsson Kristiansand 0
  Noah Bruheim Tveit Kristiansand 0
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Group overview:
Player count:24
Avg. FIDE rating:1475