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Tournament name:

Høstturneringen 2019

des 12 19
@ 22:15


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Play date:

29. aug - 05. des 19

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TitleGiven nameLast nameClubi-RtgFed
  Torstein Furnes Follo SF 1789
  Per Lea Follo SF 1753
  Odd Andersen Follo SF 1745
  Jon Kielland-Lund Follo SF 1694
  Jan Rune Moberg Follo SF 1651
  Bjørn Rønbeck Follo SF 1585
  Henrik Seljeset Berg-Olsen Follo SF 1583
  Torbjørn Brenden Follo SF 1577
  Jo Ingebrigt Larsen Follo SF 1527
  Steinar Simonsen Follo SF 1500
  Trygve Olsen Follo SF 1498
  Peder Marcus Aamodt Follo SF 1481
  Alf Geir Thowsen Follo SF 1396
  Jon Samset Follo SF 1386
  Runar Skaret Follo SF 1310
  Aksel Heien Follo SF 1289
  Rune J Petersen Follo SF 1202
  Balder Jonsson Bakkerud Follo SF 1186
  Kevin Charlton Bækkevold Follo SF 0
  Colin Charnock Follo SF 0
  Idar Ekkje Follo SF 0
  Bjørn Jacob Grimsrud Follo SF 0
  Amandus Innset-Ekkje Follo SF 0
  Jon Ivar Nesset Follo SF 0
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Group overview:
Player count:24
Avg. FIDE rating:1508