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Tournament name:

Dragulf BGP Mr. Gorilla

feb 21 20
@ 16:46


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Skoyen skole

Play date:

21. feb 20

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TitleGiven nameLast nameClubGroup
  Johnson Shi Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
  Dawood Anjum Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Matilde Dornish-Nielsen Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Aron Eberlin Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
  Benjamin Eikum Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
  Amalie Linnea Heibo Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
  Wilhelm Hemsen Dragulf AUSK Mikroputt
  Herman Finsrud Jørgensen Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Tobias Finsrud Jørgensen Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Oskar Marchesan Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Rene Alejandro Myhre Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
  William Olsen Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Arnav Ethan Sheoran Dragulf AUSK Mikroputt
  Atharv Aaron Sheoran Dragulf AUSK Nybegynner
  Amos Kalombola Trinborg Dragulf AUSK Mikroputt
  Nicholas Kalombola Trinborg Dragulf AUSK Mikroputt
  Eirik Sander Viken Dragulf AUSK Miniputt
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Group overview:
Player count:22162058