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Tournament name:

Caissa høstturnering 2019

des 26 19
@ 12:15


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Play date:

02. sep - 02. des 19

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TitleGiven nameLast nameClubi-RtgGroup
  Carl Eric Horda Caissa SK 2129 A
  Roger Stampe Caissa SK 1989 A
  Tron Walseth Samisk SF 1973 A
  Rune Hansen Caissa SK 1953 A
  Vidar Johansen Caissa SK 1953 A
  Pål Farmen Caissa SK 1897 A
  Svein Harald Endresen Caissa SK 1679 A
  Jan Brix Caissa SK 1665 Senior
  Morten Sundby Caissa SK 1637 A
  Kent-Ronny Ervik Caissa SK 1631 A
  Jarle Høyte Caissa SK 1599 Senior
  Leif Tidemann-Andersen Caissa SK 1588 Senior
  Morten Skarstad Caissa SK 1533 A
  Kjell Ringstad Caissa SK 1461 Senior
  Helge F Pedersen SK 1911 1443 Senior
  Jørgen Nordløv Caissa SK 1409 A
  Jan Trygve Kristiansen Caissa SK 1401 Senior
  Lasse Skaansar 1375 B
  Leif Erik Larsen Caissa SK 1373 A
  Bjørn Kristiansen Caissa SK 1348 A
  Olav Drabløs Caissa SK 1159 Senior
  Wo 0 Senior
  Dag Arne Carlsen 0 B
  Fred Engelstad Caissa SK 0 B
  Boye Pettersen Caissa SK 0 B
  Geir Raastad Caissa 0 B
  Ivar Ramberg Caissa SK 0 B
  Erik Sandvik 0 B
  Paal Stranden 0 B
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Group overview:
Player count:138829
Avg. FIDE rating:1731137514741628